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Desensitization for Root Surfaces

Root desensitization is an in-office dental procedure used to treat tooth sensitivity. At least one in four people experience some degree of tooth sensitivity some on an extreme basis. Intense tooth sensitivity can significantly affect quality of life, making it difficult to eat or drink without experiencing pain.

Usually, tooth sensitivity is most evident when consuming foods and drinks that are sugary, hot or cold. However, some dental patients suffer with chronic tooth sensitivity, yielding pain that never fully subsides. These patients are often candidates for desensitization treatments, which can virtually eliminate discomfort.

Tooth sensitivity occurs when a portion of the root surface is exposed. This area of the tooth is much more susceptible to wear and deterioration than the rest of the tooth. Over time, certain habits like brushing too hard can cause the surface of the root to erode, causing sharp pains when stimulated.

Desensitization is process by which the root surface is protected from outside irritants. The root surface is thoroughly cleaned, and bonding is applied to fill in open tubules. Finally, a composite filling is applied to match the natural shade of the tooth. The entire process takes only minutes, and most patients experience immediate relief upon completion.

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